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Pharmaceutical and pesticide industry wastewater

Pharmaceutical, pesticide wastewater treatment project, waste water toxic, containing many of the biological material is difficult to degrade. Water quality, water quantity is not stable, water quality has the characteristics of high concentration of COD, difficult to deal with.
Wastewater treatment of a pesticide: pretreatment, A/A/O, advanced treatment. A/A/O pool in the installation of Su net SJ type filler.
Water quality: mg/L in 10000mg/L-30000mg/L, NH3-N at 150 COD.
<5mg/L NH4+-N, mg/L TN<15, COD<80mg/L.
Process of a pharmaceutical wastewater: regulating pond, UASB, two level A/O process.
Water inlet: COD = 4000mg/l = 200mg/l; ammonia nitrogen; salt = 4000mg/l; phosphate (P): 30mg/l.
The effluent CODcr is less than or equal to 500mg/l less than 35mg/l; ammonia nitrogen; color: less than or equal to 80; phosphate (P) = 8mg/l;.


         Wastewater treatment of a pesticide company in Suzhou(50t/d)                                            Wastewater treatment project of a pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Nantong800t/d

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