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Renovation of municipal sewage

Shaanxi a sewage treatment plant in the first phase of the sewage treatment renovation project using Su net patent filler. The original project process: grille, vortex sink sand pool, anaerobic zone, anoxic, aerobic tank and sedimentation tank, disinfection pool, water, after the transformation of water by the 5000t / D increased to 8000 T / D, sewage source for local urban sewage and some industrial wastewater. Influent COD<608mg/L, <92.4mg/L NH3-N, 302.6mg/L < SS, TN<110.75mg/L. After treatment, the water quality can reach mg/L COD<50, <5mg/L NH3-N, mg/L SS<20, TN<15, mg/L.                 


                  Sewage project in Inner Mongolia(20000t/d)                                      Shaanxi, a sewage project (after the transformation of the8000t/d   

            Qinghai, a sewage treatment plant to raise the transformation project(2000t/d)                               Sewage treatment project of an industrial park in Sichuan(10000t/d

      Elevation 3010m, extreme temperatures can reach -30.6 degrees Celsius in winter, the average temperature is 5.7 degrees Celsius. Inlet COD<300mg/L, NH3-N<35mg/L, TN<40mg/L. Overcome the low temperature, high cold, there is a heating condition of running water temperature 8-15. Mg/L NH3-N <5mg/L SS<20 mg/L TN<15 mg/L COD<50.

     Mass production of pickle wastewater containing wastewater, high salinity, with glass steel bracket mounting Su net packing and the outlet water quality was a standards at the national level.

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