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Suzhou Sujing Environmental Protection New Material., Ltd.,is located in China's most economically dynamic China Suzhou Industrial Park in singapore. Company by the state holding enterprises Chuangyuan investment group (Shenzhen listed 000551) Holdings,, the company is a national innovative pilot enterprises, is also the largest air purification, environmental protection and energy saving gas purification of high technology enterprise technology innovation, equipment manufacturing and engineering of the overall solution. Existing staff 1070, 536 scientific and technical personnel, accounting for 50.1% of the total number of employees. Su net trademark is a well-known trademark in China, the main economic indicators for 30 consecutive years to maintain the first domestic counterparts. 

Suzhou Sujing Environmental Protection New Material., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Su Net Group Co., Ltd., located in Wujiang District, Suzhou city. Ltd. is a set of environmental protection and new materials research and development, production, sales and technical services as one of the professional environmental protection new material production and service enterprises, main national patent products Su net of efficient removal of nitrogen filling, Su net hollow fiber membrane and two products equipment R & D, design, production, sales. Su net efficient nitrogen removal filler, is a national environment-friendly technology products, high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, won the 2013 annual Jiangsu provincial environmental protection science and technology award two, and other awards. Su net hollow fiber membrane, using international advanced, the leading domestic technology and imports of raw materials, access to a number of national patents is Su net group and Tianjin University of technology jointly developed by membrane products; hydrophilic poly partial fluoride (PVDF) and polyethersulfone (PES) two kinds big, the product categories including ultrafiltration, curtain / column MBR membrane. Has been widely used in chemical fiber spandex, coating, printing and dyeing, petroleum chemical industry, electronic plating, municipal sewage and water reuse, ultra pure water technology, all walks of life. Company has professional scientific research team composed of a headed by Tongji University postdoctoral fellow of a number of senior engineer, with water quality analysis laboratory and equipment instrument analysis laboratory, able to provide customers comprehensive and accurate water quality data, and put forward the technological scheme and measures, efforts to resolve customer problems in wastewater treatment. "Science and technology achievements dream, innovation leading the future", science and technology and innovation is the core competitiveness of our company, the development of high-tech and adapt to the market demand of products is our goal. Environmental protection works of all employees of the company will have the blue sky often water in Changqing, and make unremitting efforts. Welcome to your.

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